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TLaser HDD

TLaser HDD is a lidar device of last generation for measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic and recording  traffic violations.


TLaser HDD specifications you can download here


Although in a smaller package as well as handheld device, and allow as TLaser HDD recording speed of vehicles in traffic as well as violations and digital video records with all the available parameters include vehicle speed, data and time of the offense, as well as GPS location, which provides all the evidence needed to prosecute unscrupulous drivers by state authorities.



TLaser HDD can set speed parameters in multi lazer and recording vehicle over speed in direction approaching and run away from TLaser HDD. Moreover TLaser HDD can operate on moving patrol vehicle by using adapter mouth.


With easse of use, with a secure data protection amd irrefutable evidence provided by way of records, TLaser HDD is most complete available handheld laser radar in the world.


Video/photo recording and internal memory with an extremely large space to store all the necessary records, will kepp all data safe.





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