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Incpection body Telix– Accredited Laboratory


Within the company we founded in 2009. sector for servicing and calibration devices for measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic and accredited laboratory “Control Body Telix”, which is accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia according to the standard ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 – Requirements for working of various types of bodies performing inspection.


A large scope of laboratory accreditation KT Telix allows users to most of the needs for controlling to carry out in our laboratory. Our deadlines for execution inspection are always aligned with the needs of the user.


The lab is primarily performing inspection of conformity of laser measuring devices. Testing and inspection of laser measuring devices are made in our laboratory and on the terrain, while controlling other types of criteria perform on the terrain.


Testing and inspection is performed on each device separately, rather than a statistical method, sampling from the series.


Regular monitoring of conditions in laboratory is carried out, primarily the following:

  • We are carring out regular checks, maintenance and calibration of measuring equipment.
  • All standards and certifications that we have are traceable to national and / or international standards. In this way we achieve traceability of results within the ISO 17020 standards, so that all results were comparable and applicable in all countries.
  • Constantly maintain the prescribed ambient temperature and humidity, when inspecting in the laboratory.
  • Keeping and issuing appropriate documentation of inspection of devices, in accordance with the procedures of documentation.
  • KT Telix laboratory is responsible for issuing Certificate of verification of device, Certificate of rejecting of verification of device and reports of inspection.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene and orderly appearance space laboratory.


On 2nd of June 2016. our laboratory got Rescript from Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals – DMDM at the Ministry of Economy, for the conducting of inspection of devices.


We are the only lab that is doing this work in this region.


We have signed an agreement with company Kustom Signals from the USA, which is a manufacturer of lasers for laser measuring devices, on the establishing of a service center in the Republic of Serbia, which will be the only service of its kind in Europe.